オハイオ州立大学(OSU)学生24名が本学で学習(Ohio State University Study Abroad Program at Azabu University)

5月23-24日に、オハイオ州立大学(OSU)の海外学習プログラム(Study abroad program)の学生24名が、OSU教授の茨木希先生と森寛子様に引率され、麻布大学に来訪し学習しました。本学の学生たちにとっても、アメリカ人学生といっしょに勉強・討議する貴重な機会になりました。



A total of 24 Ohio State University (OSU) study abroad program students, led by Dr. Ibaraki Motomu and Ms. Mori Hiroko, visited Azabu University in May 23-24, 2017, for a two whole day learning program. It was a good opportunity for Azabu students to interact and study together with the American students.

On the first day, the OSU and Azabu University (AU) students conducted a mini symposium under the theme of Public Health. The AU students, from the School of Life Science and Environment, were under the tutelage of Dr. Jonathan Lynch. Later, the students were give a guided tour of the Life Museum in the campus by Dr. Ooi Hong Kean. He then gave a lecture on the overview of the history and eradication of schistosomiasis in Japan.

On the second day, OSU students embarked on a veterinary parasitology practical class conducted by Drs. Kawakami Yasushi, Ooi Hong Kean and Taira Kensuke of the School of Veterinary Medicine. The practical involved the detection of anisakids and cestode larvae in mackerel. The students were excited and fascinated by the vigorous movement of the worms. Later, the students attended a practical class on bacteriology conducted by Drs. Kato Yukio and Okatani Alex Tomomitsu. The students were given bacterial cultures colonies to observe and were briefed on how to use the various culture media to identify the different species of bacteria that are important in Public Health.




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