オハイオ州立大学の学生が来館しました。それを含めて黄 鴻堅先生に記録を書いていただきました。


Students of The Ohio State University Study Abroad Program at Azabu University visited Life Museum

 Azabu University (AU) hosted the Ohio State University (OSU) Study Abroad Program on May 23-24, 2018. Led by Prof. Motomu Ibaraki, a total of 20 OSU students visited Azabu University for a two whole day learning program in public health. They were given lectures on the Diseases of horses, Schistosomiasis in Japan, and Control of insect pest in the aftermath of tsunami by Drs. Ishihara, Ooi and Nihei from AU, respectively. After lunch break, the OSU students visited the Life Museum in the campus, where Dr. Takatsuki gave a briefing on the museum exhibits.

 At the museum, the students were very impressed by the exhibits, especially the bones exhibits that reflects the evolution of the limbs to adapt to the motility of the various animals. The students also praised the layout of the exhibits which was considered very informative. The excitement of touching real bones at the hands-on corner and the observation of the detailed texture of the plastic castings of organic networks were some of the memorable experiences for the students. The exhibits of the historical figures of the university also convey a message of determination to restart our school after the destruction of the Second World War, for the American students. The students also gave accolade to the museum by saying that for a small university like Azabu, the museum makes it stand out. One student would also like to know more information on how the local students use the museum for their studies. This is one issue that the museum needs to look into. All the students gave an excellent A for the museum.

 After the visit to the museum, the students were give a bacteriology practical class by Drs. Kato and Okatani from AU. The following morning, a mini-symposium, on the difference and similarity in life-style and other social issues between USA and Japan, was carried out by OSU students and Azabu Univ. students. Dr. Lynch Jonathan from AU coordinated the symposium. Later in the afternoon, the OSU students participated in a veterinary parasitology practical, in which they dissected fresh mackerel to search for anisakid and cestode worms. The practical class was conducted by Drs. Kawakami, Taira and Ooi from AU.

 5月23-24日にオハイオ州立大学(OSU)の海外学習プログラム(Study Abroad Program)の学生20名が、OSU教授の茨木希先生の引率により麻布大学を来訪し、日本の公衆衛生について学びました.第1日目の午前、OSUの学生は、本学の石原章和先生による馬の病気に関する講義、本学の二瓶直子先生(共同研究員)と黄鴻堅先生による日本住血吸虫病の撲滅と制御および津波後の衛生昆虫調査と制御についての講義を受講しました.その後、いのちの博物館を見学しました.展示物の解説は、高槻成紀先生に行っていただきました.


A student lifting the elephant mandible at the "Hands-on Room" of the Life Museum of Azabu University.


Students of Ohio State University listening to the interpretation on the history of Azabu University.


Ohio State Univ. students at the Life Museum in the campus.


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